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Primary Services

AltaView works closely with business owners and executives in assessing major corporate decisions. We offer a wide range of valuation services related to corporate and succession planning, including:

  • Strategic Alternatives Analysis ​

  • Business Divorces 

  • Minority Partner and Related-Party Transactions

  • Dissenting Shareholder Transactions

  • Buy-Sell Agreements

  • Incentive and Restricted Stock Plans

  • Intragenerational and Management Succession 


When asked how much their business is worth, many business owners point to a rule-of-thumb, generic industry multiples, or an unsolicited call from an equity sponsor. However, corporate value is heavy influenced by earnings, growth, and risk, each specific to the subject company. A thoughtful business valuation is an invaluable tool when considering corporate strategic decisions.

Our focus on value added insights, customized research, and senior-level attention uniquely positions AltaView to advise business owners when assessing strategic options and in sensitive situations including business divorces and related-party transactions.  

Our professionals advise business owners in the design and implementation of buy-sell agreements. During the creation of a buy-sell agreement, business owners should be informed of their company's value and understand the pros and cons of buy-sell mechanisms such as a set value approach, formula clauses, and defined process approaches. We also have experience in more contentious situations such as a multi-appraiser process and critiques of a prior valuation prepared as an initial determination of value.

AltaView also services closely held businesses looking to structure equity incentive plans, such as issuing restricted stock units, phantom equity, or implementing a long-term incentive plan, constructed to increase the retention and performance of key executives. Over the years, incentive plans have become increasingly complex in an effort to better align the goals of employees with business owners. Today's plans often include time-based and performance-based vesting requirements in addition to tiered payouts which can necessitate advanced valuation approaches. Our professionals have expertise with options-based pricing models, statistical simulation models including Monte Carlo simulations, and lattice models to adequately capture the nuances of your specific plan. 

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