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AltaView provides a wide range of business and real estate valuation services to support non-cash charitable contributions and to satisfy private foundations’ distribution requirements. Our clients benefit from our professionals’ extensive knowledge and our detailed, defensible reports that fulfill rigorous reporting requirements.


AltaView provides timely, well written reports, supported with empirical data and research for valuations of closely held businesses, illiquid and complex securities, and real property. AltaView serves high-net-worth individuals and private foundations in the following areas:

Charitable Contributions

AltaView provides valuations that satisfy income tax compliance requirements for donations to private foundations and non-profits of the following assets:

  • Common and preferred stock in closely held businesses

  • Limited partnership interests in investment holding entities

  • Alternative investment fund interests

  • Illiquid shares in publicly traded companies

  • Real property


Distribution Requirements

AltaView provides fair market value opinions that satisfy the distribution calculation requirement for private foundations for the following assets:

  • ​Annual valuation requirements for:

    • Investments in closely held businesses

    • Illiquid interests in investment holding vehicles

    • Investments in alternative asset funds

    • Other illiquid assets with values that are not readily available

  • Real estate appraisals to satisfy the five-year independent appraisal requirement

For more information on our income tax planning and compliance valuation services for charitable contributions and private foundations, click here, and for information on our real estate appraisal services, click here

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