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Primary Services

AltaView offers the following tax planning and compliance valuation services:

  • Estate and Gift Tax

  • Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax

  • Income Tax

  • Charitable Contributions

  • Foundation Distribution Requirements

  • Planning in Anticipation of a Liquidity Event (Pre-Sale and Pre-IPO)

  • Guarantee Fees for Related-Party Transactions

  • Personal Goodwill Valuations and Allocations

​Tax planning and compliance engagements involve unique businesses, securities, interests, and circumstances necessitating a customized solution that is reliable, well supported, and clearly articulated. AltaView has robust experience with the valuation of the following:

  • common and preferred stock in closely held businesses

  • family limited partnership interests

  • alternative investment fund interests

  • carried interests in private equity and hedge funds

  • preferred "freeze" partnership interests in compliance with Section 2701 

  • intra-family loans and promissory notes including self-cancelling installment notes

  • illiquid shares in publicly traded companies (restricted stock and blockage discounts)

  • life insurance policies and split-dollar life insurance receivables

  • controlling and large economic interests 

  • derivative securities including options, warrants, futures contracts, interest rate swaps, and mortgage-backed securities

  • debt securities including unsecured debt, secured debt, and debt with convertible features


With over 125 years of collective experience offering tax planning and compliance valuations, our professionals are sought after by top attorneys and advisors to work with many of the nation’s wealthiest families and largest closely held businesses. Our valuation opinions are supported through tailored research, value-added insights, and thoughtful analyses developed to withstand scrutiny from the IRS and opposing experts. Our professionals are well versed in the latest tax court cases, audit trends, and areas of IRS examination.

Our reports are drafted by our senior professionals and are customized for each situation, organized, thorough, properly annotated, and designed to preempt many common criticisms and counterarguments from the IRS. Valuation firms often charge multiples (2-3 times or more) of the original valuation fee to prepare a subsequent report appropriate for submission in court, surprising clients with unpleasant backend fees. AltaView believes that by doing things right the first time, significant future time and expense can be avoided. 

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