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Private equity sponsors and their principals turn to AltaView as a trusted valuation partner. Our collaborative approach to financial reporting engagements streamlines the valuation process, reducing the burden on portfolio management teams. Sponsors pursuing corporate transactions rely on AltaView to provide value added analysis and custom research to gain clarity in complex situations and make better informed decisions.


AltaView offers a range of services to private equity sponsors including financial reporting and transaction opinions. In addition, we provide alternative asset manager valuations used for a variety of purposes including tax planning and compliance.

Financial Reporting

The constant evolution of financial reporting standards and methodologies can leave portfolio management teams exposed and unprepared for annual reviews and audits. AltaView's extensive fair value experience reduces the time commitment for internal resources and expedites audit reviews. Our financial reporting services include:

  • Purchase Price Allocations (ASC 805)

  • Goodwill Impairment Testing (ASC 350)

  • Impairment Testing of Long-Lived Assets (ASC 360)

  • Stock-Based Compensation (ASC 718 / 409A)

  • Fresh Start Accounting (ASC 852)

  • Portfolio Company Valuations

  • Intangible Asset Valuations

For more information on our financial reporting services, click here

Transaction Advisory

Corporate transactions can be complex and require expedited results. AltaView's relentless pursuit of quality, coupled with our unique perspectives and ability to think differently, drives clarity when navigating transactions. Our experienced professionals work closely with key decision makers offering helpful insights and sound advice. Our transaction advisory services include:

  • Fairness Opinions

    • Mergers and Acquisitions

    • Divestitures​

    • Related-Party Transactions

    • Acquisitions of Minority Interests and Squeeze-Outs

  • Solvency Opinions 

  • Capital Adequacy Opinions


For more information on our transaction advisory services, click here. 


Alternative Asset Managers

AltaView is a leading provider of valuation services to alternative asset managers, including private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, real estate funds, fund of funds, and business development companies. Our unparalleled knowledge and experience covers the entire spectrum of structured interests in these firms, including carried interests, co-invest and limited partner capital, management fee waivers, management company net fee income, vertical slice transfers meeting the requirements under Section 2701, and enterprise value determinations for profit interests grants. Our professionals are recognized thought-leaders and serve as essential resources for attorneys and tax professionals advising alternative asset management firms and their owners.

For more information on our alternative asset manager valuation services, click here. 

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