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Primary Services

Corporate boards and other fiduciaries seek independent valuation opinions when considering a broad range of corporate transactions. 

AltaView offers the following transaction advisory services:

  • Fairness Opinions

    • Mergers and Acquisitions

    • Divestitures​

    • Related-Party Transactions

    • Acquisitions of Minority Interests and Squeeze-Outs

  • Solvency Opinions 

  • Capital Adequacy Opinions


Corporate transactions are unique with their own history, motivations, and complexities, and often require expedited advice. Founded on the principles of value-added insights, customized research, and senior level attention, AltaView is an ideal independent advisor to corporate boards. Our unrelenting pursuit of quality, coupled with our unique perspective and our ability to convey results in a concise and consumable manner drives clarity when navigating corporate transactions. 

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